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->Scooter rental Long Term in Melbourne<-

High Quality & Outstanding Condition Vehicles.

Suzuki address for rent

UK 110 Address 115 cc

LAM’s Approved – Auto

Nmax 155 cc

LAM’s Approved – Auto


PCX 150

LAM’s Approved – Auto

Rent Starting from $89/Week (+4 weeks contract)


Including Road Side Assistance,Third party and Theft Coverage Insurance , Rain Coat and Pants all for FREE

Subscription Plans:


Motorcycle Licence (International is Valid)

*$250 Security deposit

*2 Weeks Minimum Contract

* +=25 Years Old

*Excess fee $1250

*If under 25 years old extra cost apply

*One week notice for vehicle return

*Extra cost for 155 cc apply.


Rental Period: Choose your rental duration, paying one week at a time in advance.

Payment Convenience: Enjoy automated payments through bank direct debit, making the process effortless.

Extension Option: Keep the motorbike with a simple one-week notice after your contract ends. You can always reschedule or cancel your vehicle return appointment.

Maintenance Responsibility: Ensure the motorbike stays in great shape by coming in for scheduled service or addressing unexpected issues.

Insurance Excess: Vehicles come by default with Theft and Third party insurance. Opt for comprehensive insurance at an additional $5 cost a week*. 1250 AUD excess fee applies*.

Rental Eligibility: We’ll rent to individuals we trust, ensuring a safe and responsible experience.

At Scootery, we simplify motorbike rentals for your convenience. If you have questions or are ready to rent, feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

*Price may vary if you are under 25 years old.


  • Australian and International driver’s licences for motorbikes  are accepted (As long as you have translation in English)
  • Passport (In case you have an international Driver’s Licence)
  • Proof of address (Official document with your name and your home address on it)
  • Suzuki Address UK110 (115 cc)
  • Honda Dio NSC (110 cc)
  • Yamaha Nmax (125 cc)
  • Yamaha Nmax (155 cc)
  • Honda CB125E
  • Honda CB125F
  • Honda PCX150

    Please note that there may be additional vehicle options available at our location, but you can inquire about them in person at the front counter. If you have any specific questions or if you’d like to explore our long-term rental options further, please feel free to contact us or visit us at the counter. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the ideal vehicle for your needs.
  • Insurance: Third-party and theft coverage are included in our commercial insurance package.

  • Comprehensive Option: For added peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive insurance option at an extra cost.

  • Helmets: Australian standard open face or closed helmets are provided for your safety.

  • Phone Holder: Enjoy the convenience of a high-standard phone holder during your ride.

  • Lock Chain: We encourage our customers to take extra precautions, Melbourne is not safe at all for bikes. Please use the chain lock every time you can.
  • Registration Certificate: We provide the necessary registration certificate for your rented vehicle.

  • Professional Servicing: Our team offers regular professional servicing six days a week to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition.

  • Training: Receive explicit training where we cover essential topics such as best safety practices, transit rules, parking guidelines, tolls, fines, fueling tips, the importance of maintenance, and advice on delivery services, among others.

At Scootery, we prioritize safety, convenience, and comprehensive support for our customers. If you have any questions or are ready to start your rental journey, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Return Notice: After your contract period ends, please notify Scootery at least one week in advance to arrange the return of the vehicle.

    Authorized Driver: Only the person listed on the insurance policy is allowed to drive the vehicle. If involved in an accident there would be extra fees in case an insurance claim is needed to be lodged.

    Minimum Rental Period: For long-term rentals, the minimum period is 3 weeks.

    Excess Fee: In case you need to use the insurance, there is an excess fee of $1250. If you’re under 21 years old, an additional $750 applies to use the insurance under any circumstances.

    These terms are designed to ensure safety and compliance with our rental policies. If you have any further questions or require clarification, feel free to reach out. We’re here to assist you throughout your rental experience.

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