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General Enquiries

You can request a call back from our team as soon as we are available at the office

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Emergency Enquiries

If you are in immediate danger or it’s an emergency, call Triple Zero (000).  => Police Assitance Website

24/7 Road Assistance - Customers with comprehensive insurance only

This service only applies for those with comprehensive insurance at no extra cost

We’ll jump-start your car’s current battery. If we can’t, subject to availability, we’ll arrange a replacement battery if required, or tow the vehicle.2

If you’ve run out of fuel, we’ll arrange for the delivery of enough fuel, up to a maximum of 10 litres, to help you reach the nearest petrol station. If the car is an LPG fuelled or electric vehicle, we’ll organise a tow to the nearest petrol station or charging station, or nearest place of safety.3


If we can’t get you back on the road, we’ll arrange and pay for vehicle towing to the nearest accredited repairer – up to 20km in a metro area or 50km in a regional area from the breakdown location. There are some exclusions to towing, for example, we do not tow vehicles over a total vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes.1

If you get a flat tyre, we’ll change it with your spare or, if it’s towable, arrange a tow to an approved tyre outlet or nearest place of safety up to 20km in a metro area or 50km in regional area from the breakdown location.

If your keys are lost (but not stolen) or locked inside your car or motorcycle compartment, we’ll either arrange for the spare key to be delivered, arrange to gain access to your vehicle, or arrange a tow if it’s towable. Locksmith fees are covered up to $150.4


If your vehicle cannot be mobilised on the roadside and there’s a taxi service in the area, we’ll pay up to $50 for one taxi ride for you and your passengers to help you get where you need to be.


Customer with Only Third Party and Theft coverage

If choose to have Comprehensive Insurance with your rental please

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Subject to our office open hours

Subject to our office open hours

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1 Available with Comprehensive policies. Exclusions, limits and fees apply. Not available if your vehicle has broken down or become immobilised within 24 hours of you purchasing or upgrading to Comprehensive cover and adding Youi Roadside Assist to your insurance policy. For more details, see the roadside assistance T&Cs and car PDS or motorcycle PDS.

2 Cost of the replacement battery, including additional costs for supply and delivery are not covered.

3 If you drive an electric vehicle, you may be required to pay a charging station fee.

In the event you insist that your vehicle be broken into to recover keys locked inside it or for any other reason, we will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any resultant loss or damage that occurs to your vehicle. This break-in service may not be offered by each of our providers. This service excludes key cutting or replacement services.

You must tell us at the time of the original breakdown call that you’re towing, as our provider may be unable to transport both your vehicle and the towed caravan or trailer in the single call-out; you may be responsible for further call-outs and costs.

6 Available with Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft caravan policies. Limitations apply. For more details, see the caravan & trailer PDS.

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