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Motorcycle roadworthy

Ensuring compliance for a safer ride

At Scootery Melbourne, we understand the importance of a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate to ensure your safety on the road. Whether transferring ownership, registering a secondhand motorcycle, or planning to sell your bike, our comprehensive Roadworthy Inspections provide the assurance you need.

When do you need a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate?

Transferring Ownership:

If you're buying a registered motorcycle and wish to move it into your name, a Roadworthy Certificate is essential to ensure the vehicle meets safety standards.

Registering a Second-hand Motorcycle:

A Roadworthy Certificate must confirm its roadworthiness before registering a secondhand motorcycle in your name.

Selling Your Bike:

If you're selling your motorcycle, having a valid Roadworthy Certificate can attract potential buyers, assuring them of the vehicle's compliance with safety regulations.

What does a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate not cover?

Mechanical Condition:

While a Roadworthy Certificate ensures your motorcycle meets safety standards, it does not guarantee the overall mechanical condition of the vehicle. Regular maintenance and servicing are essential to keep your bike at optimal performance.

Ownership Verification:

A Roadworthy Certificate does not guarantee ownership of the motorcycle. It solely focuses on the vehicle's compliance with safety requirements.

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Brake system inspection

Responsive Brakes for Safety

Your motorcycle’s braking system is crucial for safe riding. Our brake system inspection ensures that your brakes are in optimal condition, providing precise and responsive braking. Our expert technicians thoroughly examine brake components, identify issues, and recommend necessary repairs or replacements.

Lighting and electrical inspection

Illuminate Your Way

Electrical issues can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. Our electrical system diagnosis and repair service ensures your motorcycle’s electrical components function flawlessly. We address all electrical concerns, from faulty wiring to malfunctioning lights, guaranteeing a reliable and smooth ride.

Tyre condition assessment

Grip the Road with Confidence

Well-maintained tyres are crucial for stability and control. Our tyre condition assessment checks the tread depth, wear patterns, and pressure to ensure optimum performance. We provide expert advice on tyre care and replacements, giving you the confidence to tackle any road surface.

Suspension and handling check

Smooth Rides on Any Terrain

A well-maintained suspension system enhances riding comfort and handling. Our suspension and handling check ensures your motorcycle can tackle various terrains smoothly. Our expert technicians examine suspension components, identify issues, and recommend adjustments or upgrades.


What is a motorcycle roadworthy certificate?
A roadworthy certificate is an official document stating that your motorcycle meets safety standards.
How long does a roadworthy inspection take?
The duration of the inspection varies, but it typically takes a few hours to complete.
Can you provide roadworthy certificates for all motorcycles?
Yes, we inspect and provide credentials for motorcycles from various brands and models.
Is a roadworthy certificate mandatory for selling a motorcycle?
Yes, a roadworthy certificate is required in many regions when selling a motorcycle.
How often should I get a roadworthy inspection?
Getting a roadworthy inspection annually or whenever you sell or re-register your motorcycle is recommended.
What if my motorcycle fails the roadworthy inspection?
If your motorcycle fails the inspection, our team will provide you with a detailed report and recommend necessary repairs.
Can you perform the necessary repairs after the inspection?
We offer comprehensive repair services to address any issues identified during the inspection.
Is a roadworthy inspection the same as regular servicing?
While roadworthy inspections cover safety, regular servicing focuses on maintenance and performance.
Can I book an inspection online?
Yes, you can easily book a roadworthy inspection through our website or by contacting our team.
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